Atema Architecture is an innovative architectural firm based in New York City and focused on commercial and residential projects both here and around the country. We seek clients who share our belief that design is an opportunity for exploration and innovation, that design provides opportunities to create a better world, and that everything we build is a reflection of our values.

We have long experience in effectively integrating sustainable design strategies into our work, and we place a particular emphasis on creating strong collaborative teams with our clients, consultants, and builders from the outset of every project.

We have also assembled Flow Collaborative, a multi-national team working on large-scale projects around the globe requiring deep integration of architecture, infrastructure, and ecology to create intelligent, contextually-appropriate, and sustainable projects. Flow Collaborative includes senior team leaders on projects including the Oslo Opera House, Apple stores around the world, and Hyderabad (India) International Airport, and brings the creativity and high-level experience necessary to successfully design and build out complex projects internationally.